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Heraklion Mesampelies. A plot of land of 443 square meters with a frontage of 27 meters near Antheon and a building factor of 0.6.

Code: 5604 443m2 € 170000

Heraklion Bentevi. For sale a plot of 226 sqm with a building factor of 1.2% and a facade of 5.15 meters near Papanastasiou Avenue. The plot is located between Knossos Avenue and Papanastasiou Avenue and can also be used for commercial use.New offer price 88.000 euros.

Code: 5398 226m2 € 88000 Exclusiveness

CRETE HERAKLION ATHANATOI village . For Sale unique plot of 913 sqm with unobstructed views among very beautiful houses. The plot had oldest building permit for two luxurious villas with private swimming pool which has expired, but there is a complete architectural and structural design .

Code: 3691 913m2 € 90000 Exclusiveness

Heraklion Center. For sale a unique plot of 363 sqm with a building factor of 2.8% and coverage of 60%. Suitable for city hotel and generally for professional use. There are old legal buildings on the plot. Information within the office.

Code: 3902 363m2 € 1200000

Heraklion. For sale commercial plot of 16.000 m2 with unique commercial projection and valid building permit for health professionals with a total construction permit of 6.700 sq.m. Information by appointment only.

Code: 5547 16000m2 € 2200000

Heraklion - Vasiles. For sale plot of 706 sqm even buildable of 400 sqm , with very beautiful view to the sea and Heraklion. It is located on a hill with beautiful views next to beautiful detached houses .

Code: 4427 706m2 € 72000

Heraklion Mesabelies - Fortesta. For sale a two-corner plot of 1541 sqm with frontage to three streets and sea views.

Code: 5532 1541m2 € 570000

Heraklion Voutes. For sale a plot of 2580 sqm within the settlement buildable with a total construction permit of 400sqm. Excellent investment for the construction of a residential complex.

Code: 5513 2580m2 € 45000

Heraklion Patsides. For sale a plot of 1100 sq.m with a beautiful view 12 km from the center of Heraklion, adjacent to the asphalt for 42 meters with the possibility of building a building of 400 sq.m. There are also 25 olive trees here, from which half a ton of olive oil can be produced annually.

Code: 5497 1100m2 € 75000

Heraklion Patsides. For sale a plot of 2.236 sq.m. amphitheater with a beautiful view 12 km from the center of Heraklion. It has easy access from asphalt with a facade of 70.54 meters with the possibility of shredding and two even and buildable plots with a building of 400 sqm each. It also has 42 olive trees with the ability to produce 1.5 tons of olive oil each year.

Code: 5488 2236m2 € 150000

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