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Crete Heraklion Kokkini Hani. For sale unique seafront business building in an autonomous plot of land 2450 sqm . Specifically it consists of ground floor 172 sqm, basement 174 sqm, 1st floor 150 sqm and roof 150 sqm. In the building permit of the plot and two swimming pools. There is a possibility of using a beach. . Only serious offers .

Code: 4218 495m2 € 1000000

Heraklion. For sale an autonomous commercial building with a total area of 1950 sqm on a plot of 7500 sqm with a building permit for a commercial warehouse. It is located near the Industrial area of Heraklion with easy access and exit to the main highways of Heraklion and to National road . More information available by appointment.

Code: 5332 1950m2 € 1700000

Athens Omonia. For sale, an autonomous commercial building consisting of shops, offices and apartments with a total construction of 2,344 sqm in a very central building with excellent commercial views. The building needs renovation and can be converted into a city hotel. Specifically, it consists of two basements, three ground floor shops and an office, shops on the mezzanine floor, offices on the 1st floor, four apartments on the 2nd floor 58 sqm, 82.50 sqm, 91 sqm and 110 sqm, four on the 3rd floor 40 sqm, 82.50 sqm, 91 sqm and 110 sqm, three apartments on the 4th floor 82.50 sqm, 91 sqm and 126 sqm and two apartments on the 5th floor 45 sqm, 53 sqm and common area 37 sqm.

Code: 5113 2344m2 € 6000000

Athens Metaxourgeio Center. For sale an autonomous commercial office building with ground floor store near the metro and near the Acropolis . Specifically, the ground floor consists of a store of 144.84 sqm with parking spaces, 1st basement 270.90 sqm, 2nd basement 270.90 sqm A, second floor of 188.03 sqm and 3rd floor consisting of an office of 144.84 sqm and studio 38, 12 sqm and roof 80 sqm with beautiful views .

Code: 5129 1245m2 € 1500000

Crete Heraklion National road Heraklion - Miron. For sale autunomous building of total area of 220 sqm is in a 150 sqm detached plot. Specifically, it consists of a ground floor shop of 110 sqm and a 110 sqm apartment. Requested selling price of 160.000 euros.

Code: 4119 220m2 € 160000

CRETE HERAKLION CENTER. For sale Neoclassical building of 407 sqm in a plot of 320 sqm in the heart of the center suitable for business use. It consists of a ground floor of 157 sqm with a specially designed space for kitchen, and an open space, first floor 157 sqm with fireplace, wooden floors and four wc. There is also a commodity elevator, storage, auxiliary spaces and perimeter stone fencing.

Code: 3994 407m2 € 1000000

CRETE HERAKLION PATELES. For Sale investment property of 401 sqm in autonomous plot of 205 sqm. Specifically consists of ground floor 133 sqm , basement of 133,8 sqm and apartment of 133,8 sqm. The building has marble floors, three wc and internal freight elevator. Asking price 330.000 euros .

Code: 3891 401m2 € 330000

CRETE HERAKLION CENTER .For sale unigue plot 810 sqm next to the beach with buildings 1100 sqm . Information only with appointment in our office .

Code: 3235 1000m2 € 1100000

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