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Heraklion. For sale an autonomous commercial building with a total area of 1950 sqm on a plot of 7500 sqm with a building permit for a commercial warehouse. It is located near the Industrial area of Heraklion with easy access and exit to the main highways of Heraklion and to National road . More information available by appointment.

Code: 5332 1950m2 € 1800000

Athens Omonia. For sale, an autonomous commercial building consisting of shops, offices and apartments with a total construction of 2,344 sqm in a very central building with excellent commercial views. The building needs renovation and can be converted into a city hotel. Specifically, it consists of two basements, three ground floor shops and an office, shops on the mezzanine floor, offices on the 1st floor, four apartments on the 2nd floor 58 sqm, 82.50 sqm, 91 sqm and 110 sqm, four on the 3rd floor 40 sqm, 82.50 sqm, 91 sqm and 110 sqm, three apartments on the 4th floor 82.50 sqm, 91 sqm and 126 sqm and two apartments on the 5th floor 45 sqm, 53 sqm and common area 37 sqm.

Code: 5113 2344m2 € 6000000

Athens Acropolis. For sale a unique neoclassical building with a total area of 351 sq.m. Specifically, the property consists of ground floor 103.23 sqm, first floor 128.75 sqm and basement that includes two warehouses with a total area of 107.07 sqm.

Code: 5103 351m2 € 980000

Athens center near Patision Avenue. For sale an apartment building that consists of 1st 2nd and 3rd floor of 201.72 sqm and building rest for an additional 403.44 sqm. The building has been carried out works, such as floors, frames, plumbing and electrical work, elevator. Suitable for creating student residences or for tourist use. It is located very close to the Areos field, Omonia and the metro station.

Code: 5112 710m2 € 1000000

Athens Kaisariani. For sale an independent apartment building in a very good area near the Divani Caravel and Hilton Athens hotels. The building is in an unfinished condition and is formed on a plot of 135 sqm with eight floors, plus the ground floor and basement. Specifically, in the basement there is an apartment of 98.99 sq.m., on the ground floor an apartment of 98.35 sq.m., on the first floor an apartment of 102.30 sq.m., on the second floor an apartment of 102.20 sq.m., on the third floor an apartment of 102.20 sq.m., on the 4th and 5th floor maisonette 136.98 sqm and on the roof a studio 13.17 sqm.

Code: 5128 687m2 € 1200000

Athens Metaxourgeio Center. For sale an autonomous commercial office building with ground floor store near the metro and near the Acropolis . Specifically, the ground floor consists of a store of 144.84 sqm with parking spaces, 1st basement 270.90 sqm, 2nd basement 270.90 sqm A, second floor of 188.03 sqm and 3rd floor consisting of an office of 144.84 sqm and studio 38, 12 sqm and roof 80 sqm with beautiful views .

Code: 5129 1245m2 € 1500000

Athens center. For sale an autonomous commercial office building with a total area of 2071 sqm on a central avenue. The property is arranged in eight floors and can be modified in a city hotel with the appropriate interventions. It offers three underground parking spaces, shops on the ground floor, elevator, office equipment, lighting, fireplace, autonomous heating with radiators.

Code: 5109 2071m2 € 2250000

Athens center. For sale Neoclassical building in a central square suitable for residential but also for professional use. Specifically, it consists of a maisonette that forms the ground floor and the basement with two warehouses of 12.89 sqm and 19.49 sqm and an apartment on the first floor which is 116.92 sqm which can be used as an office, as well as the maisonette . The floors, the internal stairs, the exterior as well as the interior decorative elements are truly amazing.

Code: 5107 400m2 € 450000

Athens center. For sale Neoclassical building in the center of Athens, in the heart of the historic city. It was built in the 1920s and was designated by the state as a landmark building due to its unique decorative features. The area consists of mixed buildings both residential and commercial and is located between the hill of Lycabettus and the hill Strefi which is characterized as a living and commercial area. The building is located within walking distance from Syntagma, Acropolis, Lycabettus, Pedion to Areos, National Garden and generally the historic center of Athens. Ampelokipi metro station is very close, about 10 minutes walk.

Code: 5105 823m2 € 800000

Heraklion Knossos Avenue. For sale an autonomous commercial building of 750 sqm in a section of the Avenue with excellent commercial prominence. It consists of ground floor store 235 sqm, basement 285 sqm, which is ground floor and partially has a license for main use, attic 285 sqm. Each level has independent cooling - heating, which are connected by elevator. Also there is space for outdoor parking from the second entrance of the building.

Code: 5053

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